Young Goodman Brown Symbolism Essay

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The protagonist in the story, Brown, journeyed in the woods where he discovered that his Puritan community is not virtuous.Brown discovered that the entire community including his wife, whom is portrayed as being pure, indulges in sin and therefore Brown s life turns dark due to his loss of hope.

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Mc Keithan states that to interpret Young Goodman Brown, the reader must make the distinction between sin and the effects of sin.

Literary critic David Levin says that Brown allows the Devil s statements about the persecution of Indians and the Quakers allows him to accept the false statements of the Devil.

When the ribbons fell to the ground, Brown is left to believe that his Faith has failed him.

Walsh states that the second symbol in, Young Goodman Brown , is Brown s journey into the woods.

Thomas Walsh says that Hawthorne uses a threefold symbolic pattern.

The first symbol used in the story is Young Goodman Brown s wife for three months, Faith.

As Brown lifted up his arms to pray, the pink ribbons worn by Faith fell to the ground.

Connolly says that the pink ribbons worn by Faith, symbolizes youth and joy.

Understand in Brown s fashion, if darkens and sours the world, withering hope and charity, and perverting whatever is truly good until it looks like evil at its worst: like blasphemy and hypocrisy.

(Van Doren 234) Mc Keithan says that Hawthorne is saying that in every human heart there is sin, but the story does not emphasize on sin alone, it emphasizes on the effects of sin.


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