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aims to be a more practical guide by using math and science — taken to the absolute extreme, in Munroe’s typical style — to answer basic questions about life, like how to charge a cellphone, how to take a selfie, or how to mail a package.While you might not be building a machine gun-powered jetpack (like Munroe explores in I was answering questions that other people sent in, and then I was trying to connect it up to interesting research I had read, or I did some calculation I wanted to share.Then you just multiply that by the price of electricity in my friend’s town, and bam! It just seems very cool to get like real answers like that.

So I originally thought it would be fun to have an article on how to dry out your phone if it falls in the water.

And there’s the sort of “bag of rice” question, and everyone thinks, “Do you put it in a bag of rice? If it falls in saltwater, should you rinse it with fresh water?

It feels like there is a good answer out there that research might be able to find.

In that case, I feel like it could be sort of frustrating to write a thing where it’s like, “Let’s explore these fantastical solutions” when you want to know the real solution.

It’s sort of like magic that you can just write down these spells on paper and get something that might completely surprise you. I had a friend who texted me that he had ants in his house, and he wanted to know, “Could I build a lava moat around my house?

Or would it be prohibitively expensive to keep it heated?So I was sort of looking at those weirder, taking-it-to-its-logical-end questions.But I was frustrated because I didn’t have a really practical answer. There are a few people online who do phone repairs who swear that they have the method that is the only good one.” That’s sort of counterintuitive, but it seems very plausible that that might help.And then I looked at impractical things like, “Well, could you just evaporate the body of water that it fell into?I feel like everyone kind of looks around and wonders, “Oh, I saw a giant ant in this movie. ” Or “If I were in space, and I’ve wanted to deliver a package to the ground, could I just throw it out the window? ” And what’s really fun is that some of these problems, you don’t even know where to start solving that because there’s no easy way to try it.But you can actually get an answer through some straightforward calculations.There’s a little infographic about a seismology institute that accidentally picked up a Bruce Springsteen concert on their seismograph from people dancing.And based on the beat of the dancing, they could figure out which songs were playing when in the set.And that was cool, so I did a little thing about how to listen to music.But in other cases, it was just me taking a problem that I’m always struggling with, like how to keep my phone charged, and then just trying to think of all the interesting ways I might solve it.


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