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Numbers that are being compared, e.g., In the ten years covered by the study, the number of participating institutions in the United States doubled, reaching 90, and membership in the six-state region rose from 4 to 15. (BUT time expressed in quarter and half hours and hours followed by o’clock are given in words.) Use Words for the Following: 1. Centuries and decades (in lower case) (With decades, numerals can be used, but whichever form you choose, be consistent.) 3. Numbers that can be written in one or two words, e.g., one, thirty-six, three million, one hundred, and fifteen hundred Use Words and Numerals for the Following: 1.

post “Apostrophes,” Doug asked, on 30 March 2018, at p.m., whether one should write “Albert Camus’ novel or Albert Camus’s novel.” Work Cited Doug.

Comment on “Apostrophes: One Mark, Three Ways.” with spelled-out numbers.

See also “figures (illustrations)” in the Miscellaneous section.

In statistical copy that calls for frequent use of numbers, it’s appropriate to use numerals, and so the percentage symbol would be used, as in the following example, drawn from a report on a census of language enrollments: The results were somewhat surprising but should have been predictable given the change in student demographics.

Quantities involving units of measurement, e.g., 5 milliliters b.

Numbers that are presented together, e.g., statistical findings c. Numbers accompanying abbreviations or symbols, e.g., 6 lbs, 3%, 8 KB, , and 2◦ (BUT in contexts where numbers are infrequent, you can spell out percentages and monetary amounts in words if you can use three or fewer words. Provide numbers (n), with percentages (where applicable) in the next column in parentheses.Use an em dash to indicate entries that are not supplied or are irrelevant; use a zero to indicate that a particular universe has none of the items in question.Spell out whole numbers in all publications’ text through ninety-nine: one through 999,999one million101 million In “Employment Opportunities” ads, all numbers are represented in numeric form. If any number in a paragraph requires numerals rather than spelled out numbers, (higher than one hundred, decimal, percentage, money, etc., excepting dates), set all the numbers in numerals.The library in Johnson City received 124 loan requests during a 1-year period.In running text, refer to each table by Arabic numeral. Do not use “see”: Students preferred electronic reserves to print reserves (Table 1). Normally you shouldn’t mix words and numerals, but you can make an exception to avoid having a number at the start of a sentence.MLA style spells out the names of centuries in prose and in titles of English-language works, even when the title page uses a numeral: Queen Victoria ruled England for most of the nineteenth century. Or you can use an en dash: The party will take place 6 p.m.–10 p.m. Here’s another example: Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four check their phones approximately seventy-four times each day.Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec In MLA “Employment Opportunities,” use month/date/year format with numerals. When items are indented without numbers, begin each new entry with a bullet, set flush left. Abbreviate “number” as “no.” when necessary or permitted.Use numerals, unless the year is at the beginning of a sentence. When they are indented with numbers, the list is laid out the same way, but the bullet is replaced with a numeral and period. Always use the numeric form of numbers with decimal places.


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