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An important way to help students develop as writers, even in a course not solely designed for this purpose, is to match the writing assignments to the students' skill level and offer practice (with feedback) on the aspects of writing where they can benefit.See more information on designing effective writing assignments and on responding to student writing.

For more information about this area, contact the Intercultural Communications Center's Writing Clinic for non-native English speakers.A detailed scoring guide or performance rubric helps students to recognize the component parts of a writing task and understand how their competence will be assessed in each of these areas.A good rubric helps students to see what comprises high quality writing and to identify the skills they will need to perform well.You might want to provide your rubric to students along with the assignment so they know what the criteria are in advance and can plan appropriately.Besides the differences between skilled and unskilled writers, there are cultural differences that often manifest themselves in the written work of non-native speakers of English.Few people are able to turn out high-quality writing in first drafts.For most people, good writing requires rereading, rethinking, and sometimes fairly extensive revising.There are a variety of things you can do that do not require expertise as a writing teacher, as well as ways of creating assignments and assessments that will aid students in this academic endeavor.Many of the writing strategies we take for granted (e.g., how to write an introduction, how to research relevant sources) are not at all obvious to our students.Many students, however, misconstrue or underestimate what good writing involves, believing that it's a simple linear process when, in fact, it is complex and iterative.Many students leave writing assignments to the last minute, expecting to be able to sit down and rapidly turn out a good paper.


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