Writing A Systematic Literature Review

Without these guidelines, scientists and publishers would not be able to communicate effectively and meaningfully about a manuscript.

Writers who are new to manuscript writing and academic publishing, such as graduate students, will benefit from careful study of systematic review guidelines and from the advice of experienced authors.

Authors and reviewers look for potential bias and misuse of data (or observation) in every area of the study.

The results of different studies are compared and contrasted, using the research question as a guide.

It helps the reader quickly understand what is being presented in the review article.

Evidence mapping is a process by which researchers select and reject studies related to the research question at hand.

This structure should be familiar to most manuscript writers in an academic or scientific setting, even if they have not yet written a review article.

A systematic review follows these steps: The design of a research question requires careful selection of language, which mirrors the intent of the research.

Overarching the systematic review is a superstructure or framework.

This structure comprises the following components in order: Title-Abstract-Introduction-Methods-Results-Discussion-References.


Comments Writing A Systematic Literature Review

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