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You can also group them according to subjects and subtopics.

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The introduction usually begins with a general thesis statement of the problematic area, with a specific focus on a concrete research problem, which is followed by the justification for the research proposed.

It should be noted that the literature review could sometimes be part of the introduction section.

Writing research proposal for dummies is a difficult thing to do.

It is a unique document, which presents the idea of your study and outlines the process of conducting your research.

Thus, you also ought to mention the weaknesses and limitations the research proposed, which can be justified by financial and time constraints, as well as by the primary developmental stage of the chosen research area.

We hope that now you do understand a research proposal meaning, as well as the importance of research proposal for your future academic work, such as a thesis or a dissertation.It provides your work research plan and describes all the activities essential for the completion of your research project.The key principle for completing this section is that it should comprise sufficient and relative information for the future readers to determine whether methodology is good enough to the research.Ideally, a research proposal should include all the essential components involved in the research process and comprise sufficient and reliable information for the future readers to be able to evaluate the study proposed.The research proposal should have trustworthy information or facts to convince your future readers that you have an important research idea, that you have a decent grasp of the relevant and up-to-date literature, as well as key issues, and that the chosen methodology is well-thought-out.In your research proposal, be ready to include a detailed review of the theoretical framework and justify your theory choices.Emphasize that your research proposal is about conducting an original study in response to some world problem.The key purpose of the introductory part is to present the necessary context or background for the problem under research.How to illustrate the research problem is regarded as the biggest problematic issue in research proposal writing.Remember that you will also need to create a presentation in support of your proposal.Therefore, the process of writing a research paper proposal begins with choosing the most appropriate topic and seeking approval from your instructor.


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