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These programs, I understand, have particular advantages for large projects with numerous references (review articles, chapters) and for writers who type their own drafts. Think about it: these authors are published where you want to be published.Pay attention to what parameters and variables were included in the study. Direct your attention to the first and last paragraphs of the introduction, first sentences of methods and results, first and last paragraphs of the discussion. Sort the papers on the basis of the section(s) of your paper in which you think they might be most useful.Here is one timetable: Strongly consider a formal search by the reference librarians because they tend to do a better job of it.

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The intents of this article, then, are to provide a concrete framework, a template of sorts, that can be followed to achieve a nearly complete paper, and to provide the young writer with techniques that will facilitate a quick entry into the process of manuscript preparation.

Make a conscious commitment to start and complete the paper. If you are junior faculty, writing papers is fundamental to your profession and crucial to your promotion.

Guidelines for structure and organization can be followed to make the process much more straightforward.

Although there have been several fine discussions of the construction of a scientific manuscript [2–4], I believe these resources tend not to be as prescriptive and directive as needed for a true novice.

Your mentor should also be able to make a reasonable appraisal of the study and recommend a suitable target journal.

Identifying a target journal early in the process allows you to format the paper in accordance with the particular guidelines of that journal as you write. Writing scientific manuscripts can be unnecessarily daunting, if not paralyzing.This paralysis is usually the result of one of two reasons: either researchers do not know how to start, or they do not know what to put where.This will be your preliminary reference list and can be used for callouts (reference numbers at end of sentences) as you work through the drafts.Do not worry that your final reference list will use different numbering: reordering can be easily done by shuffling and renumbering the papers for the final reference list. To be sure, many younger authors will doubtless prefer software reference programs (such as End Note) to the paper methods just described.I prefer to dictate a first draft because I can talk faster than I can type, because I have an excellent secretary, and because it more effectively creates for me the illusion that I am producing persuasive, well-formed sentences.Such self-deception is important and necessary because it circumvents the overly critical, easily discouraged editorial mind [5].Pick up the introduction pile and spread these papers out before you.Then grab your pencil, keyboard, or Dictaphone, and start.However, most radiology manuscripts follow a definable blueprint.In this article, I attempt to lay out the paragraph-by-paragraph development of a typical radiology paper. If authors can accomplish the writing of the 18 paragraphs of text described in this article, they will produce a manuscript that is properly organized, correct in its essentials, and ready for the finishing hand of a seasoned writer and mentor.


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