Write Essay Style Report

What is a report and how does it differ from writing an essay? They are often used to communicate the results or findings of a project.

Essays by contrast are often used to show a tutor what you think about a topic.

Don’t forget to list the appendices in your contents page.

Reports are written in several sections and may also include visual data such as figures and tables.

You can use appendices to provide backup information, usually data or statistics, but it is important that the information contained is directly relevant to the content of the report.

Appendices can be given alphabetical or numerical headings, for example Appendix A, or Appendix 1.

You may need to re-state what your report was aiming to prove and whether this has been achieved.

You should also assess the accuracy and significance of your findings, and show how it fits in the context of previous research.

The order they appear at the back of your report is determined by the order that they are mentioned in the body of your report.

You should refer to your appendices within the text of your report, for example ‘see Appendix B for a breakdown of the questionnaire results’.


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