World History Research Paper Outline

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The body of the paper is where you make your arguments.

The body of the paper is where you make your arguments.

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Before you can even begin to create a research paper outline, you need to know what topic you will be discussing.

Of course, your instructor or supervisor may just hand you a topic. However, most of the time, you are able to choose your own topic (within certain parameters).

So find something that lights your fire and will be interesting for you to research.

Even if the class is economics – and you have to fight daily to stay awake during lectures – chances are that you can find within the broad scope of economics that is at least moderately interesting to you! Try to find something that is interesting enough that research and writing on the topic is not painful.

So getting accustomed to the best approach to take when writing a great research paper can prove valuable.

I’m going to show you how to get started with a discussion on the most important step: your research paper outline.And you will want to leave the strongest argument for last!Leaving it for last leaves the strongest impression in the mind of the reader, and is the most persuasive way to end your argument section.The three parts of any research paper are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.Of course, your instructor may want additional sections, so you would alter this as needed.For instance, if you absolutely love law and now you must write a paper on it, proceed with caution.It is impossible to write a good research paper on just “law.” You must narrow that way down. For instance, you may decide that you want to write about “Criminal Law.” Well, that is too broad also. So you narrow it down more to “Sentencing: How Does it Work in the Real World.” OK – that is better.Let’s say I chose the topic “The Early Life of Edgar Allan Poe” for a historical research paper.I would use the mighty oracle (the Internet) to research anything I could find on Poe’s early years.But even better would be: “Florida Sentencing Guidelines and Their Impact on Judicial Discretion.”I think you get it! It gives you the freedom to hone in on specifics and really delve into your subject matter. The critical time to do it is after you decide on a topic, but you write your research paper outline.You may develop your own system, but I find this works for me and makes developing a research paper outline much, much easier. Whether it be the internet, books, or other sources, I dive into what I can find on the subject.


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