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The restaurant, tennis courts, caddie shack and event locker room might have a manager who controls all the operations for their respective part of the club.14) The golf industry employs hundreds of thousands of people each year.

“It was great to hear that our hard work was paying off.”It is said that business deals take place and opportunities arise on the golf course, and you can be right in the mix of your own personal career opportunities on the local greens.

Caddies often find the chance to impress members with their work ethic, and when asked about their own intended career path, may learn some valuable information from a seasoned professional.

Part-time golf jobs1) – These jobs are typically reserved for retirees but running the tee sheet at a golf course or managing who gets in the security gate at a private club is a nice part time gig.

Full Time Jobs / Careers in Golf10) – Being a golf professional has significant rewards.

After all, a Minnesota summer’s only around a few months out of the year.

So, why not check out your local golf course to learn more about their seasonal job opportunities.These jobs include groundskeepers, pro shop staff, course starters, course rangers, caddy, housekeeping staff, food and beverage workers, waiters, event and wedding coordinators, and more.If you prefer working with your hands or love being in the great outdoors during the rare, but glorious summer days of Minnesota, a job as a caddy, starter, ranger or member of the grounds crew might be just what you want to get out of the classroom. Many retired adults even look for ranger and starter jobs after retiring in order to gain access to a great golf course and (in many jobs at courses) discounts on green fees.If there are any jobs I mayhave missed, please comment below and I would be happy to add them!Whether you are working as apart-time employee or full-time staffer, there is a golf job suitable for everyone!For many Minnesotans, summer is a time to get outdoors whether you’re boating, swimming, biking, hiking, playing sports, or simply enjoying nature.Unfortunately, unless you’re a young student with summer breaks, you must work throughout the summer.11) – If you are looking to understand more about the business of golf and business of running a golf club, becoming a club manager is the career for you.Beyond overseeing the golf operations at a club, managers are often running the food and beverage operations, operating the club pool, tennis courts, gym, membership marketing, and overall operations of a club.Inside the clubhouse, seasonal workers can experience the inner workings of prepping for daily activities or weekend events, such as weddings or other social gatherings.Miriam Ellis, a seasonal employee on the grounds crew at North Oaks Golf Club, spent last summer preparing and maintaining the course. She loved the people she worked with and the club members.“My favorite part about working on a golf course was when people stopped us on the course to tell us how nice the course looks and how well it played,” she says.


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