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What this means with regards to writing in the discipline is that required writing for a GSWS class might look very different depending on the specific class you are taking.That is to say, the way you formulate your argument, the type of argument you create, the terminology you are expected to implement, and the citations you are asked to use may vary greatly depending on whether you are writing for a GSWS/History class or a GSWS/Sociology class or a GSWS/Philosophy class.Back in the 80s, Pepsi was criticized for something called Pepsi Pretty. This would make a great Power Point presentation for a speech.

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Gender and sexuality are typically the primary points of entry into course material, but the significance of intersecting identities is also a prominent academic purpose.

At its core, GSWS as a subject examines the pervasiveness of sexism/misogyny and other oppressions in our society and culture, and attempts to deconstruct these structures to better understand them.

She kept suggesting to the men in charge of the business that they bottle her blends. When we think about diseases that kill women, breast cancer is probably the first that comes to mind, But the truth is, heart disease is the number one killer of women.

notes that "one in two women will die of heart disease or stroke, compared with one in 25 women who will die of breast cancer." Kelly Horne, Kim Worlow, Karry Bass, Judy Marshall, Donna Powell, Brenda Allen, Ashley Hunter, Renee Bartholomae, Lucinda Blair, Martha Grant, Linda Howell, Margie Roelands, Estella Tullgren, Patty Shay, Deb Peterson, Stacy White, Karen Montgomery.

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies is an area of academia that focuses on, somewhat obviously, gender, sexuality, and women's studies.

In GSWS, critically examining the world around us with regards to power, privilege, and marginalized groups and identities is at the forefront of all topics.

A growing population of women’s activists can be attributed to the growing number of courses being offered and information available.

Only a few decades ago this would not have been heard of.

One of the factors that makes Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, and particularly the GSWS department at UVM, so interesting and complex is the way in which it ties in many different subject areas.

Our department, although it has been steadily growing over the last few years, is still quite small.


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