Wisp Business Plan

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Google has the potential to gain more users for its cyber resources by broadening and enhancing rural broadband.

In addition, the company is poised to get a monthly household SAS access fee of $2.25.

In Rodecker’s mind, Wisp is akin to a hotspot where customers can connect to receive internet and phone services for about $50 a month.

Businesses pay $150 a month and receive slightly different services on a different network.

Thus, the potential acquirer would be “better off overbuilding the market and acquiring the customers that way,” the report argues.

A WISP that deploys in the CBRS band will be more attractive to a potential acquirer because the WISP business could more easily be integrated into the operations of a larger carrier that is also likely to use the CBRS band, the author argues.While the tower and antennas were placed on Rodecker’s commercial property to receive data, which would make the facility compliant with the rule, the city believes the creation of Wisp to transmit signals to multiple customers removes those protections for the company, according to a staff report.City staff also pointed out that Wisp wasn’t licensed by the FCC.Rodecker also has experienced the frustration of a spotty internet connection.It’s part of the reason he was inspired to create Wisp three years ago and sell wireless internet for work, streaming and gaming on multiple devices.“Everyone has stayed on it” except for some who moved out of the city.He said he provides Wisp’s services — which he described as an extension of Local Splash, an online marketing company he founded — for the benefit of residents.When City Attorney Colin Burns asked Rodecker if Wisp’s antenna bounced signals to customers during Tuesday’s meeting, Rodecker couldn’t give a definite answer. He offered Tuesday to pay city fines, fill out the necessary paperwork and conceal the antenna per city standards so long as Wisp could remain in operation, but the city didn’t take his offer.“We have customer satisfaction,” Rodecker said in an interview.Complicating matters is that much of the equipment the WISPs have used is not standards-based.According to the author, “[b]uying these types of networks offers no synergies” as any acquiring operator would typically feel compelled to decommission the existing network and moving customers onto different technology.


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