Wine Bar Business Plan

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Wine Bar Business Plan

You can’t just drop down a wine bar in any neighborhood and make it work by tweaking the décor.When you are starting to think about how to at start a wine bar, it is important that you spend a fair amount of time in the planning stages.Learning how to start a wine bar can be more difficult than learning how to start other kinds of bars because wine bars are a much more specific animal than other kinds of drinking establishments.It requires the owner to have a deep love and knowledge of wine culture.The kind of person who is perfectly suited to owning a wine bar is the person who knows what new wines are hot, which wines are unusual and how to present wines so that the patrons feel as if they are part of an experience.Part of what you will have to examine carefully is whether the location where you are planning your wine bar is capable of sustaining such an enterprise.If the location already has wine bars or other similar kinds of sophisticated bars (such as martini lounges for example) examine their performance and see if the area will support another similar bar.(Be sure to include this consideration in your wine bar business plan.) Of course, it need not be just about the wines. In wine bars it is usually more along the lines of jazz than rock, but if you are looking to break the mold you can try something different. At a winery or vineyard, the sale of a bottle of wine is determined by much more than the legs on the glass or the tannins on your tongue.So what do you need to do to make sure that your wine bar is successful?Owning a wine bar is also different from other kinds of businesses because it requires much more of the owner than just simply knowing the difference between a Merlot and a Pinot Noir and knowing what kind of wine glasses to pour them into.


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