Why Did The Bolsheviks Win The Russian Civil War Essay

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Rather than focusing on the terror itself, the focus will be on the historical narratives that developed regarding the terror.After the Bolsheviks seizure of power in 1917, a series of events would throw Russia into a Civil War where political terrorism became rampant.While many historians argue the Bolshevik Revolution was a coup, it is more accurate to view it as an alliance of the Bolsheviks and Left-SRs winning a political victory in the Soviets (mass democratic workers councils) to form a government.

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What emerged was an incredibly complex conflict simplified for the purposes of myth-making.

While historians like Vladimir Brovkin have focused on the role the Civil War played in building the mythology of the Soviet State, the legacy and historical understandings of the red terror have also been simplified in a way that serves the needs of the US state and its free-market ideology that it hopes to extend worldwide.

Homework Students use this record sheet to conduct some research on their allocated Politburo character.

The same sheet will form the basis of note-taking for the remainder of the unit. Each student introduces themselves to the rest of the group prior to the main roleplay session taking place.

A great simulation for approaching what can be a very complicated topic!

Best used Start the lesson by having this image of the 1917 Politburo on the screen.

At this time, where food conditions were scarce and much of the state’s energy was dedicated to simply keep people in the cities fed and production going, War Communism was a time of austerity for all, as well as a grim atmosphere of generalized political terror, both systematic and spontaneous.

Historians of Bolshevism have tried to grapple with the realities of the political terrorism that was used by all sides in the Russian Civil War, Red, White, and Green, aiming to explain to the excessive use of political terrorism that marked Bolshevik Rule in the period from 1918-1922.

The fact that these ideas have become a sort of neo-liberal ‘common sense’ is reflected in historians of revolution, who see the ideology of human emancipation as impossible to achieve and inherently leading to mass terror.

This tendency to reduce revolutionary terror as a symptom of ideology is reflected in the highly regarded work of Richard Pipes on the Bolshevik Revolution, and acts as an explanatory narrative for why the revolution led to the infamous red terror.


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