Who Won The War Of 1812 Essay

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Most of Britain's forces were battling the soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte in Europe.

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Instead of marching through Canada without difficulty, the Americans found themselves trying hard to keep the British out of the state of Ohio.

For a while, the small American Navy was doing better than the Army.

From VOA Learning English, welcome to The Making of a Nation, our weekly program of American history for people learning English. Sometimes there were also seizures of American sailors. Britain finally suspended its orders against neutral trade, after a change in government. “And so the British were basically fighting the war against the United States on the defensive in Canada, while trying to raid the American coast using their advantage in the more powerful Royal Navy.” For its part, the United States was far from ready to fight. And the officers who knew about war were old enough to have led troops in the American Revolution.

It did so because Britain refused to stop seizing American ships that traded with France—Britain's enemy in Europe. Historian and Pulitzer Prize winner Alan Taylor says that, as a result, the British could send only a small force to the United States.

They not only didn’t want to contribute to the war effort, but they wanted to block it as best they could.” Church bells were rung and flags were lowered in New England when the declaration of war was announced. Members of Congress from the western states had spoken proudly of how their people would rush to fight the British. The first request to Kentucky for soldiers produced only 400 men.

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There was also the problem of getting enough men to serve as soldiers. Historian Alan Taylor says that some states in the Northeast did not offer any soldiers at all, especially for invasions into Canada.

Just two months after the war started, the United States warship Constitution forced a British ship to surrender.

Several months later another American ship, the Wasp, captured the British ship Frolic.

They felt that it was really being waged for illegitimate reasons, that diplomacy could have just papered over the disagreement over impressment.

And so they did their best to obstruct the war effort.


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