Who Is To Blame For The Cold War Essay

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At the , the USSR pledged to enter the war against Japan no later than three months after the conclusion of the European war.In return, the United States awarded the Soviets territorial concessions from Japan and special rights in Chinese Manchuria.Those in the softer camp felt that the Cold War was the responsibility of Harry Truman and his administration for abandoning the cooperative framework established by Roosevelt and for using the atomic bomb as a scare tactic in negotiations with the Soviet Union.

Soon such governments, aided by the Soviet Red Army came to power all across eastern Europe.

Stalin was determined to create a buffer zone to prevent any future invasion of the Russian heartland.

These new thinkers felt that Stalin was little more than a traditional Soviet leader attempting to protect Soviet interests. Historical studies have found little or no evidence in support of these claims.

It is unarguable that western society has been opposed to Communism since at least 1917, but the assertion that the Cold War was little more than a ploy to gain access to eastern markets is unfounded, as there is no proof to support such claims and the markets of the poor east would hold little, if any, impact on the western economy.

For over half a century the question of guilt in the Cold War has been debated; whether it was the west, with their lofty ideals and unclear aims, or the east, with their vast post-war expansions and unquestionable tyranny.

This paper will point a literary finger at one side and defend that stance.Prime Minister Churchill, President Roosevelt, and Premier Stalin meet at Yalta to discuss post-war Europe. There were no direct military campaigns between the two main antagonists, the United States and the Soviet Union.It was at both the Yalta and Dumbarton Oaks conferences that the framework for the United Nations was devised. Yet billions of dollars and millions of lives were lost in the fight.During the time of Mc Carthyism, two schools of revisionists, hard and soft, both felt this way, though with different specifics to their cases.Those of the hard revisionist camp believed that the Cold War was little more than a ploy by American industry, in conjunction with the military, to force the opening of eastern markets to the west.For most of the second half of the 20th century, the USSR and the United States were engaged in a Cold War of economic and diplomatic struggles.The communist bloc, as it appeared in 1950, included countries to the west and southeast of the Soviet Union.Domestic fears of communism erupted in a in America in the early Twenties. Twenty million Russian citizens perished during World War II.American business leaders had long feared the consequences of a politically driven workers' organization. Stalin was enraged that the Americans and British had waited so long to open a front in France.The United States became the leader of the free-market capitalist world.America and its allies struggled to keep the communist, totalitarian Soviet Union from expanding into Europe, Asia, and Africa.


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