What Thesis About The Real Nature Of Imperialism

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After explaining some main critiques of the cultural imperialism thesis, this paper seeks to prove that as an increasing number of countries gradually recognize that it is important to protect and develop their local culture, the cultural imperialism thesis seems to be an unsuitable way to understand media globalization in the current international environment. 118) defines globalization as “the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa”. 55) points out that “globalization is a communicational concept, which alternately masks and transmits cultural or economic meanings”.

Most scholars believe that globalization must be associated with media and communications, the definition of globalization indirectly acknowledged this point. It is Mc Luhan (1964) who first recognise the role of media, although he proposes the term ‘global village’ which seems to be a negative way to understand globalization.

Firstly, as an important representation of the diverse national economy and culture, media products are spreading across the globe.

People just need to press some buttons on the remote control or keyboard and then they will be able to access the media products they want from almost any country via satellite television or online media, such as news, TV programs and soap operas.

China’s Got Talent is the most successful case which comes from Britain’s Got Talent; it has recorded audience rating for three times.

The second aspect of media globalization is the dominant position of transnational media company and market.

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In the second place, Tomlinson (2004) states that the industrialized countries had been linked by satellite television.

It had broken through the time and space limitations so that worldwide audiences can sit in front of televisions and watch the same events or soap operas at the same time.


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