What Is Problem Solving Method

A cost-benefit analysis, for example, can show whether the investment into an online check-in portal can be recouped.

Approaching the problem with sufficient background information is advantageous, in that one can spot previously unforeseen issues.

It seems obvious to think that problems tend to define themselves and that the focus should be on determining the consequences and looking for solutions. However, an accurate problem definition, to be achieved with the Problem Definition Process, simplifies the way to a suitable solution.

Because the problem is defined analytically, the problem is examined from different angles and the problem definition process clarifies the points to focus on in the analysis performed on major critical problems.

Summarise the problem briefly and position the key information at the beginning of the single-phrase problem definition.

In the case of the airline company, this could be that: The company’s current check-in protocol is inefficient in use.This article provides you with a practical explanation of the Problem Definition Process.After reading, you will understand the basics of this powerful problem solving method.Since more than one party is usually working on a solution to the problem, the problem definition is the most important part of the solution because different interpretations of the problem cause a lot of uncertainty.Uses the Problem Definition Process to define the problem definition.However, defining the problem is essential before switching to, for example, a Root Cause Analysis, making an Ishikawa diagram or performing a cause-and-effect analysis.Start by describing how things should work in the most ideal situation.The check-in protocol must therefore be optimised, while making the situation understandable for all passengers.Accurately describing the problem is often half the work.Use clear, direct language and don’t get stuck in small details.Only the essence of the problem should be dealt with.


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