What Is Problem Solving Approach

To help the computer make a decision as to where to place a token on a 3×3 noughts and crosses grid, a basic heuristic algorithm should be based on the rule of thumb that some cells of the grid are more likely to lead to a win: Based on this approach, can you think of how a similar approach could be used for an algorithm to play: When playing a game of chess, expert players can “see” several moves ahead.

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Heuristics can be mental shortcuts that ease the cognitive load of making a decision.

Examples of this method include using a rule of thumb, an educated guess, an intuitive judgement, guesstimate, stereotyping, profiling, or common sense.” “In computer science, a heuristic is a technique designed for solving a problem more quickly when classic methods are too slow, or for finding an approximate solution when classic methods fail to find any exact solution.

Word associations, analysis of context, previous searches history and current trends/search engine statistics can be used in a heuristic algorithm to speed up the search process. This is the case for search engines to return search results very efficiently, profiling algorithms which can be used by a marketing department to identify members of a target audience and their behaviours, data analysis in scientific research (e.g.

medicine to identify cause/effect correlations between large data sets).

However if the user searches for “Raspeberry Pie ingredients”, we can deduct that the user is searching for a recipe and is less likely to be interested in programming blogs or computer hardware online shops.

Short Path Algorithms used by GPS systems and self-driving cars also use a heuristic approach to decide on the best route to go from A to Z.

Martha has exceptional, in-depth specialist knowledge. Her work in e Training resulted in immediate benefits and received wide acclaim by users worldwide, around the clock.

Her analytical thinking is reflected in her good judgement ability - in particular with interconnecting scenarios.

used by GPS systems and self-driving cars also use a heuristic approach to decide on the best route to go from A to Z (e.g. More advanced algorithms can also take into consideration a range of factors including the type of roads, the speed limits, live traffic data, etc. Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on machine learning where the computer builds up a knowledge base from previous experiences is another application of heuristic algorithms.

In this case the algorithm uses a self-maintained knowledge base to inform decisions and make “educated guesses” based on previous experiences.


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