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Because it is designed to make a direct connection with teachers — Overall, the coverage in Infusion is similar to that in Dimensions and IDM, but there is a difference in emphasis.In Dimensions, for example, Creative Thinking is discussed (along with Critical Thinking) in Chapter 3, but is not explicitly included in the Thinking Methods (Chapter 4) or Thinking Skills (Chapter 5).

Because it is designed to make a direct connection with teachers — Overall, the coverage in Infusion is similar to that in Dimensions and IDM, but there is a difference in emphasis.

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Integrated Design Method (IDM) is a model for problem solving.

And in the IDM framework, creativity occurs whenever there is a need to generate: in Generate (select or invent) Ideas for Product, Generate (acquire or construct) Product, Design (generate and evaluate) Model of Product, and Design (generate and evaluate) Experimental System.

And creativity also appears in other actions, such as Defining an Objective (in IDM) or Elaborating (in Dimensions).

It is a logically organized framework for thinking skills: IDM is an integrated system that shows how different aspects of thinking are related and how they can be effectively coordinated.

Another level of integration occurs when IDM provides a "common context" by showing that similar thinking skills and methods are used in a wide variety of activities.


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