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Well, an abstract is defined as a concise summary of a larger project; it describes the content and scope of the project while identifying objective, methodology, findings, and conclusion.The purpose of an abstract is to summarize the major aspects of a argumentative essay or paper, but it is important to bear in mind they are descriptions of your project, not the topic in general.

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12 points used in the Selection Process During the abstract selection process the following 12 points are used as a guide.

We strongly recommend that you ensure your abstract satisfies these points.

If the Abstract is poorly written or if it is boring then it will not encourage a potential reader to spend the time reading your work.

Thus the first rule of Abstract writing is that it should engage the reader by telling him or her what your paper is about and why they should read it.

However, it is also important, for a conference paper, to ensure that the title describes the subject you are writing about.

You should limit the length of the title to no more than 12 words. What value are your findings and to whom will they be of use?Even though there are different types of abstracts, one thing is in common for all of them – they contain the same elements i.e. Before you learn how to write an abstract for a research paper, make sure your abstract should comprise of the following: Objective or the main rationale of the project introduces readers with the research you carried out.This section accounts for the first few sentences of the abstract and announces the problem you set out to solve or the issue you have explored.Sometimes, your professor may ask for an abstract along with a research paper.Although abstracts are relatively short, many students find them confusing.If the research isn’t complete yet, you can include preliminary results or theory about the potential outcome.Just like in every other work, the conclusion is the sentence or two wherein you summarize everything you’ve written above.Basically, you use abstract to describe what specifically you are doing, not the topic your project is based upon.For example, if your research paper is about the bribe, the abstract is about survey or investigation you carry out about the prevalence of bribe, how people are likely to offer it to someone, do people take bribe etc.In this case, the abstract is not about the bribe itself, its definition, why people do it, and other related things.If you don` know, what the research work should look like – look at the example of a research paper.


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