What Are Your Thoughts On Peer Review Essay

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What Are Your Thoughts On Peer Review Essay Politics Dissertation Topics

Articles fromr publications, on the other hand (like magazines, newspapers or many sites on the Internet), are published with minimal editing (for spelling and grammar, perhaps; but, typically not for factual accuracy or intellectual integrity).

We suggest that you perform three readings of a paper, concentrating on a different element each time.

At every point, remember to classify your comments as major or minor flaws.

So the reviewer has to do their best job of following the logic and arguments laid out in the paper and seeing if they agree with the conclusions. There's no compensation involved except the kudos of the editor (who in gratitude will simply send you more papers to review in the future) and a sense of obligation that you've done your duty and service to the larger scientific enterprise. This can be done through a variety of formal and informal ways. And conferences are great places too to give quick status updates - although the most interesting conversations don't happen during the presentations, but in the hallways and over dinners.

So in a system where the reviewer is volunteering their time, and can only do their best, what are we to make of peer review in general? But science has enjoyed centuries of tried-and-true tradition for widely disseminating research results: the journal article.


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