What Are The Steps To Write An Argumentative Essay

What Are The Steps To Write An Argumentative Essay-50
Our expert tips and tricks will make sure that you’re knocking your paper out of the park.

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(Quick note: you could write an argumentative paper over the general idea that dogs are better than cats—or visa versa!The first step to writing an argumentative essay deciding what to write about!Choosing a topic for your argumentative essay might seem daunting, though.Another thing about argumentative essays: they’re often longer than other types of essays. Because it takes time to develop an effective argument.If your argument is going to be persuasive to readers, you have to address multiple points that support your argument, acknowledge counterpoints, and provide enough evidence and explanations to convince your reader that your points are valid.While some people might dislike the taste of water, there is an overwhelming body of evidence that proves—beyond the shadow of a doubt—that drinking water is a key part of good health.To avoid choosing a topic that’s either unprovable or already proven, try brainstorming some issues that have recently been discussed in the news, that you’ve seen people debating on social media, or that affect your local community.First, you want to make sure the topic you choose allows you to make a claim that can be supported by evidence that’s considered credible and appropriate for the subject matter...and, unfortunately, your personal opinions or that Buzzfeed quiz you took last week don’t quite make the cut.Some topics—like whether cats or dogs are cooler—can generate heated arguments, but at the end of the day, any argument you make on that topic is just going to be a matter of opinion.Consider choosing a topic that holds a connection between something you know or care about and something that is relevant to the rest of society.These don’t have to be super serious issues, but they should be topics that are timely and significant.


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