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Rita may also be feeling pressure from her daughter to make the decision to go into respite care making Rita feel she has become a burden to her family.The role of the nurse is a varied one with emphasis on patient centred care. The Effects of Staff Ratio on Patient Care A common problem today that many nurses face is the lack of staff to properly care for the residents in the long-term facility that they work in.It applies to those aged 16 and over with potentially 1.2 million people directly affected and will include those with dementia, learning disability, brain injury, mental health problems and autism.

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The department of health Clinical Governance and Adult safeguarding (DH 2010 Page 14) guidance states “There is no formal definition of vulnerability within health care although some people receiving health care may be at greater risk from harm than others” however this document goes on to quote No secrets (DH 2000 Page 8) which defines a vulnerable adult as someone “who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness; and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation”.

People are generally more vulnerable when their health or usual function is compromised, vulnerability is increased by a change in surroundings, situations and relationships.

On returning Irene to the ward after surgery, a pain assessment would be made.

To do this Heath (1995) suggests that the nurse determines the onset and duration and location of pain through observation asking the patient questions.

(See appendix I non-verbal skills and verbal skills)In order to help Vera with her depression whilst she is in hospital the nurses have to assess her needs and continually reassess her.

It is essential in the formulation of giving her the appropriate care whilst she is in need of help.Care designed for a ACUTE NURSING CARE REPORT OF AN ADULT PATIENT WITH SEVERE OBESITY, SCHEDULED TO UNDERGO BARIATRIC SURGERY Introduction Mrs Raw’ah Amsah Daher, a 46-year-old female patient admitted into the Gastroenterology unit to prepare for her elected bariatric surgery tomorrow morning, as a treatment for her Type II Diabetes.Her BMI is 53.3 kg/m2 (Height 170cm and weight 154 kg).Methods A Medline search was performed using the terms 'critical illness', 'transport of patients', 'patient transfer', 'critical care', 'monitoring' and 'intra-hospital transport'.All information concerning the intra-hospital transport of patients was considered.One of the most influential acts that has been passed, was the “Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act”, put in effect by President Barack Obama in 2010.This legislation has affected the department of Human Services profoundly more than any other legislation in the past decade.Rita’s feeling of vulnerability would be added to by being admitted to hospital, taking her away from familiar surroundings and home comforts.As previously mentioned age affects vulnerability as generally later in life the immune system and memory has a tendency to deteriorate.A family physician or general practitioner can provide the needed care for PD if trained properly.The more advanced stages demonstrate symptoms of motor appearance.


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