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Today, the vast majority of athletes in badminton, squash, table tennis and volleyball are happy to report the numerous benefits that rally point scoring has brought to their sports.The same, however, cannot be said for the sport of pickleball.Your Comments - Rally Point Scoring System Are you going to try the rally point system at your pickleball club?

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The same cannot be said for traditional scoring practices.

Members of the Okotoks South-Calgary Pickleball Club play the "traditional game" at venues that do not recognize or have not yet adopted the rally point scoring system.

Specifically, when reporting the score in this manner (where the server calls "two-three-two", for example), if the server mumbles over the first number ().

Furthermore, because the receiving team may be conciliatory, players on the receiving team might choose to carry on with that rally assuming that the server simply neglected to call the server-number (which is, of course, not the case in this example: the server actually called the score by inaudibly mumbling "two" then clearly calling "three" followed by clearly calling the server number "two").

On the other hand, the converse may well be true: the majority of pickleball players and organizers do have broad racquet and paddle backgrounds and, consequently, this group of people is well aware of the positive attributes of the rally point scoring system.

If this scenario is correct, the continued resistance to the adoption of this scoring system is, at the very least, puzzling.

Specifically, scoring confusion may be created by three-number scores if the server either accidentally or purposefully calls part of the score indistinctly. To illustrate this point, consider a doubles pickleball game situation where the score is "two points" to "three points" and the second-server is serving.

In this case, pickleball players will report this score as "two-three-two" rather than the identical but much clearer scenario of "two-three; second-server".

If that is the case, the failure to examine an outmoded scoring system could be explained like this: pickleball organizers simply do not have broad enough racquet and paddle backgrounds to appreciate the benefits that rally point scoring brings to other games.

As such, an effort to familiarize organizers with the rally point format is all that would be needed to make way for scoring improvements to this game.


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