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Maybe you’ve heard this other one: “90% of new businesses soon fail.” That’s not necessarily true. It’s as plausible as the first, because many new businesses don’t have a comprehensive business plan. Whether you’re a budding voice over artist or an established pro, you should have one, and keep it current. Small Business Administration didn’t have exact data on the number of new businesses that don’t succeed within their first few years.It will help focus your efforts for greater productivity and profit, and help you adapt to the continually evolving needs of clients and the many voice over markets. Some run dozens of pages, covering the entire range of business considerations, with an Executive Summary and carefully researched market data and financial projections.

You realize the hours, months, and years it took to get where you...

For the past few years, the Fiverr debate has been huge in the Voice Over community.

This is a quote from a person on one of my Face Book posts.

He boasts about his podcast, audiobook deals, and how he came up from nothing to be a successful voiceover.

But now you are seeing that running a full-time voice over business is causing you to spend more time than you would be spending on that old job. The significance of this to you as a voice over artists is huge. You watch all the You Tube videos, webinars, and read all the blogs that offer you tips...

And worse, you are making about the same amount of money. You are getting up early to be the first to audition for things coming on freelance and P2P sites. I know most guys (men) feel that the harder they work the more of a man they are. Netflix, a startup in the industry, grew to dominance with a new delivery system and business model. Much of the advice in the voice over industry in regards to business development is old. You Don't Need Another Voice Over Tip Or Trick To Get Clients!Many voice actors are scared to value themselves appropriately.I believe that this can be due to a couple of things.I can not provide value at all in that type of question without being able to dive in, diagnose the real problems, and then give specific guidance.That answer takes a lot of time to answer for every person that asks it.A segment of the VO community views it as horrible for us to do work there. Over the past few months, I have come across people in the VO community that are have nothing against Fiverr but don't want anyone else to know that they are not against it. They are saying that if you are on Fiverr, you can not be in our club. There is no lack of information out there on this topic, but an actual defined outcome, I mean literal results, seems to elude most.Another segment has viewed it as a way to break to break into voice over. For those making to 0K on Fiverr, every year does this matter to them? Voice Over is not an industry that has rules that you must follow to be a... In the voice-over community, there is no shortage of You Tube videos, blogs, or podcasts filled with information on how to build a voice over business.(The former stresses investment opportunity, the latter assures lower risk and includes examples of collateral.) Other potential prospects require other emphases, and some plans can be much simpler.In your case, the “prospect” is you, so your business plan can be relatively brief, and needn’t be formally formatted and carefully worded. After all, it’s not as if you’ve invented a new product or have to justify opening a dry-cleaning shop.At some point, you thought you started living your dream. What I am about to tell you may seem harsh at times but it is true. If you heed this advice it may make the difference for you to live your dream as full-time VO. Lack Of Patience This is hands down the biggest problem for you. Building a successful voice over business takes time.You quit that soul-sucking 9 to 5 and went full-time VO. You may intellectually know this, but your actions are not lining up.


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