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The low growth environment will adversely impact the revenues at Avoidance.Competition The telecommunications industry is highly competitive, with typically at least four national mobile network operators, such as Avoidance, and one national fixed line operator in each country.

The low growth environment will adversely impact the revenues at Avoidance.

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In PAYOFF, Germany, the group’s largest geographic market, accounted for 17. Most of these countries have penetration rates higher than 100%.

The high penetrations in these markets indicate saturation, eliminating any chance of significant growth in the future through new subscribers.

Emerging markets represent around 29% of Avoidance’s service revenue and the share is likely to grow over the medium to longer term driven by continued strong economic growth and the increase in mobile penetration towards mature market levels.

Further, Avoidance has been steadily increasing its exposure to emerging markets given the stronger growth prospects that they offer relative to developed markets.

According to industry estimates by 201 5, there will be 1.

Vodafone Swot Analysis Essay

5 billion new mobile users, and the vast majority will be from emerging markets.Avoidance witnessed Soot Analysis of Avoidance By hardships PAYOFF.The group witnessed a broad divide between the more stable major markets of northern Europe, with Germany, the I-J and the Netherlands all growing; and the much weaker Avoidance Group Pl Page 7 Marketing Avoidance Group Pl markets of southern Europe, with Italy and Spain suffering from strong competition and a very poor macroeconomic environment.Intense competition restricts the group’s ability to control these costs.Matured European mobile markets may negatively impact future growth prospects The European markets, where the group has significant presence and generates considerable revenues, have high penetration rates. 1% of its total revenues from European countries in PAYOFF.Unfortunately, almost all of the incremental ARPA the group is generating ends up eyeing invested in commercial costs.The smartened market is still skewed to the high end, which has driven significant increases in average customers acquisition and retention costs over recent years.Well poised to benefit from the high growth emerging nations Avoidance with strong foothold in the emerging markets is well poised to exploit the opportunities offered in these markets.Emerging markets, such as India and Africa, represent the regions with the most potential for future revenue growth driven by strong economic growth and low mobile penetration. Lion population have a mobile phone implying good potential future market growth.Looking ahead, Avoidance expects more competition in the handset market as new vendors seek to enter the market and more established players look to grow in the mid-tier.This should drive down the group’s customer investment costs.


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