Video Addiction Essay Conclusion

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This paper presents an investigation into the impact of video gaming on society to determine whether it leads to aggressive, violent and anti-social behavior.

For the purpose of this examination the information has been divided into four sections.

As gaming technology continues to expand, consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation are becoming more sophisticated due to the customer demand for an enhanced gaming experience.

Recent developments allow gamers to have access to video games at any time; for example with the PSP (Play Station Portable) a gamer is able to carry their console around with him/her anywhere, thereby adding to the amount of hours spent playing games.

As the ‘mind-blowing’ graphic resolution becomes more available, users are promised ‘real entertainment’ in these virtual worlds, by creating a more realistic gaming experience.

The most commonly played games are action games; these games encourage the development of aggressive characteristics to emerge in gamers, as they have a large amount of violence due to their fast-paced nature.The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms which range from: personal computers, video game consoles and small handheld devices and through these platforms video and sound are produced to interact with the user (Video Game 2009).The advancements in gaming consoles have become a major factor in promoting video game addiction, and therefore amplifying the video game influence among users.The first section examines what video games are and the genre of games which have resulted gamers displaying different behaviors.The next section assess how video games have an impact on society through real life examples, and then the possible factors which could lead to aggressive, violent and anti-social behavior.To end the research a feasible solution is proposed to maximize the potential advantages of rating systems.In conclusion, the paper summarizes the impact of video games on society.Similarly consoles like the Wii set a new precedent for the gaming world, trying to create a physical and more realistic gaming experience through innovative accessories such as the Wii Motion Plus which “provided true motion and position information to the console” (The Wiire 2008), and therefore encouraging users to become more engrossed in the game.Furthermore, the development of graphical interfaces and televisions appear to be significant factors in endorsing excessive gaming time.In particular the transition to LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) and plasma televisions, which introduced a gratifying experience for gamers through the addition of surround sound speaker systems and improved graphic resolution.Subsequently the enlargement of graphic interface screens also added to the attractiveness of video games, as the screen sizes increased from 14 inch up to the unprecedented size of 65 inch (LCD television 2010).


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