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I shouldn’t need to go further into these examples.

I shouldn’t need to go further into these examples.

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Now that we’ve established the ridiculousness and deceptiveness of this type of advertising here are some examples from Vemma’s marketing page: That sounds impressive, right?

Let’s take the first one, the 55 eggs for the vitamin D in Vemma.

If not here’s one example starting George Jefferson (okay it was the actor who played George).

The logic is that brand X may only have 25% of the RDA of Riboflavin, so you’d have to eat 4 bowls to get the 100% in Total.

It’s still an obscenely expensive product that is a dollar an ounce or more… I’m sure Vemma distributors are going to hate this comparison.

However, these posts have a way of getting very long and spending a lot of words on the topic isn’t worth it.

When I wrote about the Mona Vie Scam more than 5 years ago, I was amazed to get over 6,500 comments.

Over time, the indisputable information from dozens of researchers lead me to make the easy conclusion, “Mona Vie is a grossly overpriced product, with little nutritional value, wrapped in a poor business opportunity that appears to be illegal pyramid scheme, fraudulently supported by nonsensical ‘scientific’ studies, and illegal medical claims from its paid salesforce.” To make a long story slightly shorter, these articles brought in MLM distributors to defend their industry.

That’s 2.2 cents per serving for double of what’s in Vemma.

Vemma is effectively putting 8 drops, or less than 18 cents worth of Vitamin D supplement in every bottle.


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