Valued Personal Possession-Essay

Valued Personal Possession-Essay-14
The watch I use daily in school as I need it to tell the time but I take care not to handle it roughly or remove it from my wrist.All these three possessions bring back happy memories and they are a symbol of the love and affection of my parents and grandmother.Interspersed among descriptions of war are passages on methods of early photography and musings about art and Chinese thought and letters (fascinating yet slowing the action).

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Oddly enough, I was hooked, and to this day I remain thankful to my Dad for pushing me into soccer, and most importantly my Aunt Amanda for giving me my first soccer ball.

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I was quite content to leave it unopened and continue playing with all my other gifts but my mom assured me that it would be worth the five seconds of effort.

Reluctantly I peeled back the two layers of wrapping paper and immediately I felt a smile crawl onto my face.

Lastly, my third valuable possession is a gold bangle with my name 'CINDY' on it.

It looks solid and very attractive as it is made of pure gold and artistically designed. I keep these three possessions very carefully and wear the ring and the bangle only occasionally, as they are too precious to be spoilt or lost.

Looking back now I can’t help thinking how silly I must have looked getting so excited over a soccer ball that can be found at any sporting goods store.

Fast forward to the start of the AYSO season, my family arrives at Montessori Elementary School with 10 minutes to spare before registration.

The personal trials and triumphs of the two youths are played against the larger and increasingly threatening political and military events.

The reader learns of events through excerpts from the contending newspapers, through letters and diaries, as well as through narrative.


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