V For Vendetta Justice Essay

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She now knows what "V" has been teaching and helping, for "V" was the destroyer of totalitarianism, and now Evey must become the creator that will build this world of freedom.

She demonstrates compassion and a dislike of killing. Some people might believe that the idea of "V" being an it, rather than a he, is absurd. He also describes to Evey his feelings for the woman that was next to him in Larkhill.

There must be another form of freedom, a creator that will rebuild a world where people can live their dreams.

"V" most certainly is good; he is trying to revive these dormant attitudes and feelings of society.

It causes the reader to read and reread a lot of his writing. Through "V's" constant destruction of justice buildings the author is trying to get across that freedom cannot exist in a world judged by injustice.

Freedom creates justice; so without freedom, you have no true justice, only pretenders.

The question of whether or not he is freedom is apparent further on in the book.

His actions of sabotage and murder have a reason, a connection, and a purpose. Society sees no hope or chance at freedom, and "V" gives them this hope, a feeling that it is possible, that freedom can be obtained. He is just one piece of the puzzle he is the destroyer.

Some time ago, I was contacted by Jared Cox, who wished to use my Musings as a source for an english paper he was writing about V for Vendetta .

Flattered, I was more than happy to "let" him quote me, but agreed only on the condition that he send me the final product when he finished. I found it very intriguing to read his views of the novel and its themes in relation to the paper he wrote.


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