V For Vendetta Character Essay

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Summary/Reminder This sequence acts as a non-condescending and stylish reminder of the events so far.

Valarie’s letter also highlights a small culmination of scenes and characters in V FOR VENDETTA which were previously unimportant.

Evey's character embodies the stages of revolution, preeminently reconstruction.

Through her, Moore He reminds her of her haunting and painful childhood and encourages her not to run away from it.

Through this new found freedom, she is able to take the responsibility of her existence and assume her role in the revolution.

V For Vendetta Character Essay

As V's life is about to end, he commands Evey to “discover whose face lies behind this mask, but [she] must never know [his] face”(245).Alan Moore's graphic novel V for Vendetta is not only a call for revolution, but also an explanation of how such process should materialize.V, who transcends beyond a character and embodies the concept of revolution, establishes the procedure for social change.This shows the scale of the story and wide reaching consequences which do not only impact the protagonist.Vocabulary Dialogue can be one of the hardest aspects of scriptwriting, but as you can see from this sequence it can also be the most rewarding. In this case, the emotive language aids the storytelling because it juxtaposes the harsh reality seen on screen.However, it also reminds the audience of something much more important: Evey’s reasons for resisting.Reaffirming Evey’s resistance At first, Valarie’s story may seem far separated from Evey’s situation, but in fact, couldn’t be closer.He understands that his role is to avenge and “make rubble” of injustice and corruption; however, true social reform must move beyond destruction and forge an improved society on the ruins of an oppressed past.Therefore, V adopts Evey Hammond, a young victim of the regime, as his protégée and educates her to guide society through the second stage of revolution: reconstruction.The last step in Evey's education is understanding her duty to take action against government brutality and despotism; in fact, it is her responsibility to rise and guide her people through the empowerment which derives from political and social awareness.As she assumes V's identity, she accepts this task, internalizing a revolution that she will help create and forward.


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