Usage Of Technology In Education Essay

This, in turn, has widened their horizon to get useful and latest information.・ Students can use the facility to video chat or text chat with other students of same subjects to exchange knowledge or study material required by them.

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It seems that more and more often computers and related equipment are being involved in the educational process nowadays.

This tendency of wiring schools, exercising long distance learning, and depending on the internet for information is apparently being actively promoted.

So we can say that with all the advantages, come a potential cost too.

Technology can be overall rated to be very beneficial in the field of education.

This can improve their standards of living as it provides them a chance to be more qualified and be at the same level as their counterparts. Children are so dependent on the internet that they have lost the power to think originally.

The first thing that comes to their mind is seeking help from the internet for any task that is given to them.・ Technology can attract certain kinds of risks such as cyber crime about which students might not have much knowledge of.They get trapped even without their knowledge and it’s difficult to come out of such situations too.The tremendous amount of information that can be provided has no limits.Even though it has some shortcomings but the advantages it offers just overpowers the negative impacts.・ Teachers might get distracted while teaching, as many tools are present to provide education in creative ways, they might end up doing something which is irrelevant.・ Technology provides a vast variety of options of entertainment which often distract students from the things they are supposed to do.This has an advantage that the physical presence of teachers and guides is not required at all which has encouraged some freelancing teachers too to provide quality education to students of different age groups and fields.・ Students are given online material to read by providing URL.It also opens your options to choose among various materials present online.・ Paralyzed and handicapped students can make a good use of technology by sitting at home and also enjoying the privilege of getting an education without actually having to move around for the same purpose.


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