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The original typescripts are then returned to the institutions that awarded the authors their degrees, while the master negatives are assigned unique order numbers (indicated by the prefix "UM" within Doctoral Dissertations on China and on Inner Asia) and are stored in temperature and humidity controlled vaults to await the arrival of orders from both individual and institutional customers.At the same time, 350-word long summaries of the dissertations, prepared and submitted by the thesis authors, are compiled and edited by UMI staff for publication in the monthly issues of Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI).

cooperative dissertation microfilming program, inaugurated in the late 1930s.

The involvement of such institutions with internationally renowned graduate degree programs on China as Columbia University, Harvard University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Michigan enables to provide coverage for an estimated 95% of all current American theses and an estimated 80-85% of all past American dissertations.

For non-academic customers in the United States and Canada, in turn, as well as for ALL customers elsewhere throughout the world (where no distinction is made between academic and non-academic customers), the prices as of January 1998 were as follows: $46.00 for microfilm and microfiche copies; $57.50 for softbound paper copies and $69.50 for hardbound paper copies that are reproduced at 2/3 of their original size, and $60.50 for softbound paper copies and $72.50 for hardbound paper copies that are reproduced at full size. Orders by fax should be directed to either 734-973-1464 or 1-800-308-1586.

Regardless of their provenance and the manner in which they are placed, all orders for dissertation copies should contain the entire order number which appears for each thesis in the present bibliography (indicated by the prefix "UM") or in Dissetation Abstracts International, together with the author's last name, the complete dissertation title, the preferred format (micro-film, microfiche or paper), and the size of the paper copy and the type of binding desired (whenever applicable), as well as the customer's name, complete mailing address and telephone number. Orders from individuals and institutions elsewhere should be placed either directly with UMI in Ann Arbor, Michigan, or through one of UMI's international sales agents.

If there is no UM order number within a bibliographical entry appearing in this volume, the dissertation is not available from UMI and must be obtained either from its degree awarding institution or through interlibrary loan from an academic library that already owns a copy of the work.

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY The University of California at Berkeley (UCB) joined the UMI (formerly University Microfilms International) microfilming program in 1962 and for several years automatically sent all new dissertations to Ann Arbor.For individuals associated with universities, colleges and high schools in the United States and Canada (this includes their libraries, departments, faculty, staff, and students), the prices of single copies as of January 1998 were as follows: .50 for microfilm and microfiche copies, .00 for softbound paper copies and .50 for hardbound paper copies that are reproduced at 2/3 of their original size, and .00 for softbound paper copies and .50 for hardbound paper copies that are reproduced at full size.(All prices are subject to change without ad-vance notice.As of January 1998, microfilm copies were sold @ .00 per title to customers in the United States and @ .00 to customers in all other countries.Both inquiries and orders may be submitted by fax as well as by mail, but only inquiries may be made by telephone.Together with some of the thousands of titles which are not received by UMI contrary to widespread popular belief, not every American institution of higher learning has always sent its dissertations to Ann Arbor, while other universities continue to withhold selected titles from the UMI microfilming program these dissertations gradually find their way into standard and specialized bibliographical reference works.They are automatically listed in the annual volumes of American Doctoral Dissertations, compiled on behalf of the Association for Research Libraries by , as well as in the annual and quinquennial supplements to UMI's multivol-ume Comprehensive Dissertation Index, 1861-1972.Customers submit their orders directly to a participating ILL office, which then transmits them to UMI over the World Wide Web through a Netscape interface.In the United States, the requested dissertations are delivered to the same ILL office within 72 hours. Copies may also be ordered by telephone toll-free within the United States and Canada by calling 1-800-521-3042.With the single exception of the , American libraries today do not systematically acquire thousands of dissertations each year for their general collections.(Even fewer hold copies of master's theses accepted at institutions other than their own.) Furthermore, because of prohibitive administrative costs, the possible inconvenience to readers on their own campuses, and the potential for damage or loss of borrowed volumes, the majority of universities do not routinely lend copies of their dissertations to other institutions through interlibrary loan whenever those same items are commercially available.


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