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University Essay Prompt 2014-8
In addition to that essay, you may choose to submit an optional essay that focuses on your specific interest in Trinity College.You may select one of the following prompts and write an essay of 250-650 words.

The admissions committee will personally review your application to determine your academic preparation, the level and quality of your extracurricular activities and your potential fit with our community.

The college uses a holistic approach to student admissions with emphasis placed on high school transcripts, recommendation letters, leadership positions, work history, involvement in school and community activities, and other characteristics that predict success.

My Colleges: Writing Supplements So here’s my biggest pet peeve with the Common App this year.

The school writing supplements can be While some colleges don’t require any additional essays (such as Fordham, Ithaca, or Middlebury), many colleges do.

In the left hand menu, if you see a “Writing Supplement” heading with “Questions” listed below it, some kind of additional writing is required.

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But for some schools, the supplemental essay isn’t listed as a formal “Writing Supplement.” Boston University’s additional essays are hidden under “Essay Questions” on the “Application Questions” page, while Goucher’s essays are located on the “Academics” tab of “Application Questions.” To make matters worse, some schools that having writing supplements on the “Dashbard” tab of the Common App.In light of the recent changes made to the SAT exam, students should understand the following when submitting SAT scores: The Trinity College ACT code is 0598 and our CEEB code is 3899.International Applicants International students may need to demonstrate English proficiency by submitting their results from either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).The college is test-optional, providing students the opportunity to present application material that accurately reflects their diverse academic talents and potential.Students can submit either the SAT or the ACT if they feel their results best represent their academic potential.Your personal statement in your college application is complete and your activities page looks flawless.Now it’s time to turn your attention to the “My Colleges” tab and submit your Common Application!The two required teacher evaluations should be completed by those who have instructed you in academic courses in either of your final two years of secondary school.All students must submit an essay through the Common Application.Cornell University places their extra questions in the “Writing Supplement” section, while Lewis & Clark College does not. So, seniors, be extra cautious when filling out each school’s supplement.You never know where an extra writing assignment may be hidden.


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