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Increasing microcomputer storage capacities led to their introduction, eventually followed by long filenames.In file systems lacking such naming mechanisms, drive letter assignment proved a useful, simple organizing principle.

Then open the Run dialog (Windows Key R) and type: .2.

Once that’s open, choose Disk Management in the left pane under Storage.

It’s an easy process, and there’s no need to install any third-party utility.1.

To set this up, plug in the drive that you want to assign a permanent letter.

MS-DOS on the Apricot PC assigns letters to hard drives, starting with A:, before considering floppy drives.

A system with two of each drive would call the hard drives A: and B:, and the floppies C: and D:.In computer data storage, drive letter assignment is the process of assigning alphabetical identifiers to volumes.Unlike the concept of UNIX mount points, where volumes are named and located arbitrarily in a single hierarchical namespace, drive letter assignment allows multiple highest-level namespaces.When assigning your drive letter, make sure to choose a letter toward the end of the alphabet list.For example, X, Y, or Z — otherwise Windows has the tendency to eventually assign a different letter.If your drive number is different, you’ll want to replace the 3 with the number in your configuration.If you want to unassign a drive letter in order to hide the drive, you can also use the remove letter command in the same way.Also, keep in mind that it will only be the assigned letter on the computer you changed it on.If you take your external drive to a different PC, Windows will give it a different dynamic letter.While without deliberate remapping, the drive letter assignments are typically fixed until the next reboot, however, Zenith MS-DOS 3.21 will update the drive letter assignments when resetting a drive.This may cause drive letters to change without reboot if the partitioning of the harddisk was changed.


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