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The National Archives has received numerous inquiries concerning documents identified as "MJ12" and "Briefing Document: Operation Majestic 12." We have made extensive searches among the records in our custody of the U. Air Force and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to identify these documents.The Truman and Eisenhower Libraries have also searched their holdings for any references to, or copies of, the documents.

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These searches were all negative with the exception of a "Memorandum for General Twining, from Robert Cutler, Special Assistant to the President, Subject: "NCS/MJ-12 Special Studies Project" dated July 14, 1954.

The memorandum, one page, refers to a briefing to take place on July 16.

And while the “no, it is not an alien solar sail” theory looks compelling on paper, Oumuamua’s ostensible behavior — briefly observing the Earth in October 2017, and then promptly fleeing our solar system at 196,000 miles per hour — is undoubtedly what any remotely intelligent life form would do.

The United States Air Force retired to the custody of the National Archives its records on Project BLUE BOOK relating to the investigations of unidentified flying objects.

Of these 701 remain "Unidentified." The project was headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, whose personnel no longer receive, document or investigate UFO reports.

The decision to discontinue UFO investigations was based on an evaluation of a report prepared by the University of Colorado entitled, "Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects;" a review of the University of Colorado's report by the National Academy of Sciences; past UFO studies and Air Force experience investigating UFO reports during the 40s, '50s, and '60s.

The memorandum does not identify MJ-12 or the purpose of the briefing.

Textual records of Project BLUE BOOK (the documentation relating to investigations of unidentified flying objects), excluding names of people involved in the sightings, are now available for research in the National Archives Building.

United States Air Force Public Affairs Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433 On December 17, 1969, the Secretary of the Air Force announced the termination of Project BLUE BOOK, the Air Force program for the investigation of UFOS.

From 1947 to 1969, a total of 12, 618 sightings were reported to Project BLUE BOOK.


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