Twelfth Night Essay On Unrequited Love

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In spite of her dilemma- whether to confess her love to Orsino or not, she holds her ground and tries to leave subtle hints, without revealing herself.In this framework, all the other characters such as Orsino, Olivia, Antonio, Sebastian and not to mention, the Jester Feste are constantly acting and interacting to generate Shakespeare’s essential comic vision.Ironically, Orsino speaks of men's inconstancy while proclaiming his own undying love. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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When one is doing Viola Twelfth Night character analysis, they cannot but deny her pivotal role in the plot.

Her many admirable character traits have been highlighted in this character sketch of Viola.

In the play, we see Viola as a true fulcrum of action in a frenzy of indecision, unrequited love and confusion.

In this scene, Duke Orsino is moping around his court as usual, brooding about his unrequited love for Olivia.

As in the first scene of the play, he plans to relieve his feelings by listening to sad songs.

Feste's song continues to explore the theme of unrequited love (lines 58-73).

Although Orsino identifies with the constant lover in the song, Feste mocks him by comparing his mind to opal, and saying he should wear taffeta, both things that change color in the sun (lines 80-85).

Viola tells Orsino that the person whom she loves is like Orsino in age and appearance; Orsino responds that Viola/Cesario has terrible taste (lines 30-40).

This increasingly fraught conversation is interrupted when Feste arrives to sing his song. Feste leaves, making a joke about Orsino's own moodiness, which the duke totally misses (lines 80-85).


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