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In my dissertation, I used rich pictures to gather faculty perceptions of academic quality.I thought, hmm, rich pictures is visually appealing, just the type of research a not-too-fancy online journal might be happy to publish.

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You must be careful when you seek prospective journals.

Go back through your dissertation references and make a list of articles that were useful to you. Were the authors affiliated with respectable schools? Here’s a hint: If they want you to pay a fee to submit or to publish, strike them from your list of potential journals.

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But should we convert our dissertation into a book? Publishing your dissertation in book form is an intentional process, planned before you start writing.

For example, some traditional dissertators earn degrees in fields in which their dissertations become textbooks.

The dissertation we deliver to the world is a repository of data and knowledge we mine in subsequent months and years to reap the rewards of our long laborious hours of research and writing.

No matter what type of institution we attend or attended, we need to publish. Printing and binding your dissertation may make it like a book, but this is not what academic experts mean when they suggest you publish in book form.


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