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Winifred (also called Winnie) is outside by the gate of her house talking to a frog.The frog is just sitting there and Winnie is talking about how she plans to run away because her parents are always watching what she do.

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In traditional MBA application process, students have only one option – to wait for the admission committee to send an interview invite.1) How are the applicant-initiated interviews scheduled in Tuck?

The interviews are scheduled online on a first-come first-served basis.

The man tells Winnie's grandmother about the people that he is looking for.

The next day Winnie leaves her house and goes into the forest and sees a boy drinking water from a spring.

When the boy sees Winnie he quickly put the pebbles back over the spring and Winnie asks him what is he doing.

The boy introduces himself as Jesse Tuck and says that he is a 117 years old.They try very hard to explain why they have brought Winnie there. But most people assume that those qualities are secondary to the grades and test scores that play such a prominent role in institutional rankings. class of students should be able to work as a cohort and support one another."The image in the past has generally been that mean, less scrupulous people make it to the top," he said, and not everyone thinks that has been good for business or society. "While diversity of opinion and background is really important for many students, it would make little sense to try to game the system to get into an M. You will always have some applicants who try to game the system, but admissions officers are generally experienced gatekeepers, who have a keen eye for applicants who embellish or fake their experiences or bona fides.Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is one of the few Business Schools that give applicants the opportunity to initiate the interview.The demand for applicant-initiated interviews is high.It is recommended that you initiate an interview as soon as you have decided to apply to Tuck.2) Why Tuck gives high importance to face to face interviews and campus visit?Share an example of how you helped someone else succeed." Those submitting references will be asked, in additional to traditional questions, to respond to this prompt: "Tuck students are nice.Please comment on how the candidate interacts with others including when the interaction is difficult or challenging." Will the emphasis work?Most of the attention on Tuck's list has centered on the quality of being nice -- not necessarily something associated with the cutthroat world of M. Being smart and being accomplished, he said, would be evaluated through traditional evaluations of grades, test scores and experiences.Niceness, he said, would come out in essays and in recommendations.


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