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The novel and film show the warning to the readers and viewers of what could happen if anyone attempts to make a perfect society.In 1984, George Orwell says that people can be conquered and changed by a powerful government, which people have to accept.He must now deal with conflict, fear, dishonesty, and separation from people.

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” The government is afraid that if the people got together they would realize that their power is not strong.

Their power is fear of the people and the government shows fear to obtain power. Progress in our world will progress toward more pain.

A random object falls from the sky and the radio makes up for the object that fell from the stage by saying “watch out for falling objects from an airplane.

” Truman went after his wife with a knife and she said “do something.

Truman, the main character that the film is about begins to realize that something is wrong in his life. Sylvia (Lauren) falls in love with Truman and tells him that it is all just a show.

Everything appears the same everyday without change. Truman begins to see the little mistakes that happen.

A negative utopian society is a perfect world that somewhere has gone wrong.

The controllers in the novel and film succeeded in achieving complete control and power, which was their attempt to make the ideal society.

Christof is afraid that if one person slips and says something that would make Truman realize that his entire life is fake that he might end up leaving and destroying his television show.

The director controls everything that is going to happen in Truman’s life, from their actions, arguments, and the feelings.


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