Truman Show Essay Analysis

was written by Andrew Niccol and directed by Peter Weir.

Paramount Pictures, a film and television production company is behind the distribution of the film.

These scenes, where the movie’s audience gets glimpses of how s audience absorbs and responds to the show, demonstrates the show functioning as a religion through the collective.

These people gather together in stadiums, bars, and other public places, and use the show as a bonding experience that results in an extreme attachment to the show.

Niccol is praised for being extremely imaginative and for writing pieces of work that deal with futuristic problems, many of which have caught up to us in present day.

We currently live in a society where watching television shows, specifically reality shows has become a ritual.

For example, a clip during the introduction of the interview shows a whole stadium packed with thousands of people watching as Truman and his wife, Meryl, get married.

Other scenes show a crowd of people gathered around the television at a bar, two men (assumed to be security guards) distracted during their shift, and a mom and her daughter shushing a crying baby as they intently watch the interview.

Klassen states that commitment, integrating foci, and intensive concerns with extensive effects are necessary factors within an implicit religion (Ibid, 161).

The most prevalent of these factors at work here is the very obvious intensive concerns that these viewers project in regard to the show.


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