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It goes without saying that a definition essay means you need to define something.

Read 8 Easy Steps to Writing a Thrilling Narrative Essay for more help with narration, and check out The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word Choice for Your Essay for ideas on choosing the perfect non-cheesy words for your narrative.

When you think of academic writing, you usually think of long, research-based, argumentative essays.

Does it mean a person who stands by you no matter what?

Is a friend someone who will give you his lecture notes even if you decided to skip class just because you felt like sleeping in?

Here are a few non-cheesy suggestions for writing a meaningful friendship essay.

Writing a descriptive essay might mean you’re writing straight-up description, like describing her long, flowing, beautiful chestnut hair or his amazing almond-shaped blue eyes that can peer into the depths of your soul.

Or you might believe that true friends would not expect you to do something dishonest or to lie for them.

Looking for a few more ideas for your definition essay?

You might also define friendship by what it is not.

For instance, you might feel that a true friend would not rat you out to your parents or a teacher.


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