Trifles Conflict Essay

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In her next speech she states, “We don’t know who killed him. In her very next breath she reflects back on here duty to be a loyal sheriff’s wife: “The law has got to punish crime, Mrs. After her speech, you wonder what the ladies will do. Conflict and climax allows the reader or viewer to stay glued to the play.

The biggest question is will they reveal the incriminating evidence. The conflict allows you to see the struggle that is in the play and the climax is where we begin to get answers in the play. Although it was short and gave you a lot during the play.

Going through the details of the house, looking at things and items to figure out a person’s thoughts and motives is very interesting.

It is still very shocking on how men saw women, but it feels good to know that women have come a long way from where we use to be.

They go to the house and search all over for a motive.

The women they bring with them are their wives and their sole purpose is to gather some items for Minnie.

It showed how woman in that time were smarter than what their husbands believed them to be.

The men believed in the women taking care of the home and the family.

Also, you would think that a woman would not be physically able to hang their husband.

In this play, the wife is suspected of murdering her husband, but they are looking for a motive.


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