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Copyright (c) 2018 Amy Arellano Challenging the predominance of rape culture within academia, this dissertation focuses on the intersection of academic conversations regarding the inclusion of trigger warnings.I argue that the implementation of trigger warnings serves as a visible adaptation within pedagogy to respond to the role trauma from sexual assaults may influence the classroom.

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Also in collaboration with labs from the Basic Sciences there are non-physician scientists who are collaborating on Basic Research fields related to Musculoskeletal System Pathology.

Dissertations can be a great resource for any project.

Iliya PDF Examining the Identity of the Art Therapist: The Voice of Practice and Relational Care, Denise Malis PDF Essential Music Therapist Attributes for Relationship-Building with Children: Does our Profession Train Personal Abilities? Nemeth PDF Half In Shadow She Speaks: An Expressive Therapies Exploration of The Self Image of African American Women, Lillian Marie Sylvester PDF Intergenerational Mythweaving and Cultural Identity, Ethelyn Anguluan-Coger PDF Art as a Catalyst for Resilience: Women Artists with a Life-Threatening Illness, Susan Firestone PDF Examining Roles in Children's Group Therapy: The Development of a Dramaturgical Role Instrument to Measure Group Process, Craig Haen PDF Neural Activation on Guided Imagery and Music: A Functional MRI Study, Sang Eun Lee PDF Understanding Children's Art Making Preferences: Implications for Art Therapy, Amy Morrison PDF Creating Wellness: Expressive Therapies for Creativity Enhancement and Cognitive Development in Older Adults, Lauren Parmelee Murphy PDF Art Therapy for Enhancing Academic Experience of Male High School Freshmen, Kelvin Antonio Ramirez PDF Existential Psychotherapy with Adults in Assisted Living, Christine A.

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Finally, I address the (im)possible articulations of this study for future research.

Researchers work under the supervision and the scientific sponsoring of either a 3-member Advisory Committee (authorized faculty members) for a minimum of 3 years, on either clinical or applied scientific research topics.


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