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A qualitative study amongst tourists from 5 European countries. Is the propensity of people to remove items from hotel rooms linked to cost of room, education level or age of guest?

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2.2.1 Dark Tourism: a tool for social justice or unnecessary voyeurism? 2.2.2 Exploitation or Understanding: To what extent does the phenomenon of ‘Poverty Tourism’ bring benefits to areas with social and economic problems?

A critical analysis of tourist organizations taking visitors to slums in India.

A literature review and case study of three boutique hotels in the UK.

2.5.2 Are user perceptions of a casino influenced by in-hotel posters?

A quantitative study amongst passengers on a Virgin Trains London to Manchester service.

2.4.6 The demand for ethically sourced and Fairtrade products in hospitals: to what extent do patients request ‘green’ alternatives? 2.4.7 A macho culture: to what extent do women’s perceptions of working in high-end restaurants prohibit them training as chefs? 2.4.8 Restaurants and colour: how does the use of colour in the interior design of independent restaurants influence customer perceptions? 2.5.1 Which theoretical model of tipping is most appropriate to explain tipping in independent (boutique) hotels?

An analysis of recent environmental programmes from major global hotel chains.

2.1.6 What are the best ways to incorporate environmental concerns into branding of tourist destinations?

2.3.7 What influences visitors to small, independent bed and breakfasts in the UK to stay at the same venue again?

A quantitative study amongst travelers around the UK.


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