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Because of its sprawling number of customizations, Microsoft Word is good for a large variety of writing professions and purposes. If you’re looking for more information, here’s a list of add-ons that you can install to make Microsoft Word easier to use Download: Microsoft Word for Windows | mac OS (Office 365 Subscription)Download: Microsoft Word for Android | i OS (Free, in-app purchase)Scrivener hasn’t been around for as long as Microsoft Word, but it’s definitely not new.It’s been gaining traction over the years as an alternative to the old-school favorite.

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From crafting novels or essays to working as a journalist, content writer, or copy editor; those with the gift for creating compelling sentences are in high demand.

Because of this, you need the best tools of the trade so you can be a productive writer.

Thank you sincerely for your support and for your desire to learn and grow!

There are so many different things you can write these days and so many different types of writing careers.

Listed below are ten tools to help you throughout your creative writing journey. I am constantly coming across new tools, and I highly recommend experimenting with the options out there that fits your individuality.

If you know of a tool that isn’t listed here, please recommend it in the comments below! This means that, at no extra cost to you, if you so choose to participate in some of the learning opportunities here, we at Kyrabe Stories may receive a commission as gratitude from the partnering companies.Visit: Scrivener (Free)Download: Scrivener for Windows | mac OS (Free Trial)Download: Scrivener for i OS (.99)In terms of writing programs, Dabble is sort of like the new kid at school.I first heard about Dabble through Camp Na No Wri Mo, where the free trial was being advertised.Because I already had a lot of creative writing applications on my plate, I was unsure about trying it at first. Dabble hasn’t been around for as long as the other programs, so my curiosity was piqued. Would it bring something new to the table that I hadn’t tried before? Some highlights: Overall, Dabble is online, like Google Docs.This means that you can work on your document through your browser. The major difference with other applications like Google Docs is that Dabble is subscription-based.Google Docs has a reputation as an accessible and collaborative writing program.In the current age of internet connectivity—where almost everything we do is online—it has become ubiquitous at home and in the workplace.As an incredibly in-depth outlining application, Scrivener is perfect for anyone who is writing a novel.These days you’ll often see creative writers shouting its praise.You can stay on track with your writing goals, especially the more complex ones.The thing I really love about Pacemaker is that they have two versions: a free account and a subscription-based premium one, so you can use whatever version works best for your needs.


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