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I didn’t resist because she was only 4 and very cute.

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She just tells them what’s on her mind and then walks away. Once when two kids were mean to me, she stepped right up and told them off.

Then she said, with a self-satisfied air, "Thank me later." I cracked up.

Students build on their media literacy skills as they examine media images for messages that consciously and unconsciously affect attitudes and behaviors toward others.

Finally, the class will explore ways to get beyond appearance as a dominant force in their social lives.

The volume will be essential reading for all studying these topics from the perspective of political philosophy, politics, and law.

Tolerance Essays

The one skill I would choose for success is tolerance.

We’ve choreographed dances to perform in community talent shows, and we make movies with our video camera.

One movie was so good that the local elementary school put it in their library!

Because we do these things together, it’s easier to do what we want - even if other kids don’t think it’s cool.

We’re closer than most sisters because we work as a team and share the sense of accomplishment.


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