Tips On Writing A Great Thesis

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However, such a thesis fails to adequately summarize the authors point.

Mary Wroth wrote about love with a bitter tone, perhaps because as a woman who would, in her day, have had to live with more of the consequences of love than a man of her stature, she had more practical reasons to be bitter than her male compatriots in Cupids game.

Because the internet was designed to be decentralized and, as a result, is notoriously hard to police, internet censorship would only temporarily stop peoples access to problematic material, and so, we should not attempt to censor the Internet.

The writer clearly thinks that the show appeals only to an elite group of viewers, and that viewers enjoy watching and getting the references made in the show. Every single viewer who watches the show is a well-educated, middle class person living in an urban area?

Notice that in the second theses in each case, there are clear rationales for the positions that the authors are taking.

Readers may not agree with the rationale or the conclusion that each author comes to, but even the thesis statement gives a clear idea about where this paper is likely to go in order to prove its position. Third, the thesis statement should contain clearly worded and specific language that adequately summarizes the authors position.

has received a great deal of praise for its fast-paced dialogue and its seamless blending of humor and drama.

However, that praise is unwarranted because the show appeals to a narrow group of viewers who share a privileged collection of knowledge, and, as a result, serves only to allow those people to feel smug.

This is a good time to visit the Writers Resource Lab or stop by your professors office hours or talk your project out with a trusted peer.

Generally speaking, instructors will expect that your thesis statement will appear in the first or second paragraph of an essay.


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