Three Types Of Love Essay

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If you’ve been in love before, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s the butterflies in your stomach, the giddiness you feel when you see your love walk through the door, and the feeling of never wanting to be without them.

The Greeks thought it was quite radical, perhaps because so few people seem capable of feeling it long-term.

Some people would describe agape as a type of spiritual love.

For instance, Christians believe that Jesus exhibited this kind of love for all humans.

He was selfless and sacrificed Himself so that others could be rid of their sins. Eros is named after the Greek god of love and fertility.Just like philia, there is not physical or sexual attraction.But there is a strong bond, kinship, and familiarity between people.However, pragma is a love that has matured and developed over a long period of time.The kind of old married couples who have been together since their teenage years and still hold hands, well, that’s a great example of pragma.Therefore, it is usually associated with romantic, passionate, and physical love. The Greeks were actually quite fearful of this love, strangely enough.They thought that because human beings have an instinctual impulse to procreate, that this love was so powerful and it would result in a loss of control.The ancient Greeks define pragma as “enduring love.” In other words, it’s almost the opposite of eros (sexual love).Eros tends to burn out quickly because of its passion and intensity.The ancient Greeks studied love and classified them into eight different types.They studied everything from public speaking to the starts in the universe.


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